Winter Solutions

Winter weather affects us all but to what degree depends upon our foresight, awareness and forward planning.

Torrential rain or fog can reduce visibility to a few metres; strong winds can turn a standard road into a treacherous challenge for high-sided vehicles and motorcycles, while posing berthing and landing problems at ports and airports; snow and ice can turn highways and car parks into skating rinks and chase customers away.

MetraWeather can help. From predicting severe weather events to tracking thunderstorms, MetraWeather is a world leader in weather forecasts for the entire transport spectrum.


  • Daily Winter Hazards Report
  • Industry-specific 14 day forecasts for your specific operational location
  • Purpose-built online, real-time information portal tailored to operational weather requirements
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc telephone briefings with qualified Meteorologists
  • Season-ahead and month-ahead forecasting for longer term planning

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