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Today’s Weather


23 February

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Gales (Southern Areas). Heavy Precipitation (N). Wintry Precipitation (N Hills).

SUMMARY: Unsettled with gales and widespread rain, heavy at times and wintry across high ground then drier, brighter and less windy from the west through the afternoon.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Deep low pressure, Storm Doris, tracks east across N England areas through the morning, clearing into the North Sea later. A ridge of high pressure follows from the west.

WINDS: NW, W or SW fresh or strong, locally gale force, across England, Wales and Ireland decreasing later this afternoon and E or NE light to moderate occasionally fresh across Scotland.

WEATHER: Overcast with rain and showers across the north, locally heavy at first and wintry over higher ground to Scotland and at times in Northern England. Later, there will be drier and brighter periods moving in from the west. A narrow band of moderate rain across the southeast clears then Southern England, Wales and Ireland will be mainly dry with the odd blustery shower, these more likely in the west. By the end of this afternoon, most places will see much lighter winds.

TEMPERATURE: Near or below average north and near to or above average in the south.


Updated on 23rd February at 09:00 by PGH

The forecast is valid from 09:00 to 18:00

The next update is at 16:00 (The Max temps shown above cover the period 07:00 to 06:59 the following day, while Min temps shown are overnight minimums and cover the period 19:00 to 06:59 the following day).

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