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Today’s Weather


27 June

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Strong Winds (N). Heavy Precipitation (N and S). Risk of Thunder (Far S).

SUMMARY: Unsettled in many areas with the risk of heavy rain, and thunder in the S later.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure becomes dominant across the W of the U.K. as high pressure persists to the N and NE, maintaining an unsettled cyclonic air mass over many areas.

WINDS: SW or SE light or moderate, SE or E fresh or strong in the N.

WEATHER: Overcast in many areas as rain and showers move through during the day, heaviest over S Scotland, with further heavy or even thundery rain perhaps moving into the S and SE later in the day. Drier, sometimes brighter, spells however develop between the showers further W.

TEMPERATURE: Around average, warmer to the SE but much cooler in the N and NE.


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