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Today’s Weather


21 August

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Heavy Precipitation (NW).

SUMMARY: Rain and showers continue to track across the N and NW, while remaining dry and humid in the S.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure continues to be influential just to the W and NW of the U.K., with its associated fronts pushing across many W and N parts of the country.

WINDS: S to SE light or moderate, fresher in the far W, variable in the SE.

WEATHER: Outbreaks of showery rain will continue to track north-eastwards across the NW and N overnight, with the rain remaining locally heavy over Northern Ireland and W Scotland. Cloudy and dry in central areas, with clear skies developing across the S and SW and with some extensive mist and fog as well.

TEMPERATURE: Just below to the NE, just above to the W and SW, around normal elsewhere.


Updated on 21st August at 16:00 by AM

The forecast is valid from 18:00 to 09:00

The next update is at 09:00 (The Max temps shown above cover the period 07:00 to 06:59 the following day, while Min temps shown are overnight minimums and cover the period 19:00 to 06:59 the following day).

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