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Forecasting services

MetraWeather is proud to offer some of the best weather forecasting services available, in a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions, which can be delivered to you as you like. Please click the links for more information and samples.

Business services

MetraWeather offer a range of bespoke business services and forecasts, tailored according to your needs. We can offer specialist forecasts as requried, such as Pollen forecats, Feel Good Factor forecasts, Winter Hazard forecasts, etc.

For more details and to discuss otions, please contact us via the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.


Today's UK Forecast
This unique product is compiled by skilled, qualified meteorologists using the most accurate information from several models. See it on our Home Page.

Forecasts are presented as easy to read maps of the UK, with a text commentary covering weather activity, wind, cloud and visibility, plus an assessment of forecast confidence.

5 Day Ahead UK Forecast
This forecast, free to visitors to, contains the UK information as in Today's forecast for the current day and the following 4 days. Click the link to the right to see it now.

14 Day Forecast
This commercial service takes the accuracy of our 5 Day forecast and looks forward a full 14 days. MetraWeather accuracy over this extended period gives you an invaluable tool for business and personal planning.

The best way to use the 14-Day Forecast is as part of our web-based bespoke package. This is a fully navigable, with clear, moving graphics compiled in Flash Media software.

This system is indispensable to any organisation that works with weather-sensitive products or services.

Pricing information

The 14-Day British Isles forecast is available in two ways:
As an independent purchase or as part of our bespoke business packages, where it can also be delivered in PDF or Word format, by email or for download.

Prices are available on request. Please contact:
Tel 0118 935 7018

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